Introduction of XSim

Updated : September 28 2022

What is XSim?

XSim is a web-base preprocessor for OpenFOAM®.

You can make analysis setting data for OpenFOAM with web-base GUI and download it as a zip file.


  • Importing shape

    You can import shapes in Binary STL file, ASCII STL file, Obj file or 3DS file. And you can scale, translate or rotate the shape after importing. You can also make simple shape like cuboid and polygonal column in the project.

  • Mesh settings

    You can set target number of base mesh, domain for meshing, mesh levels, feature angle of the shape and number of layer for each region etc...

  • Analysis settings

    Steady or Transient can be selected as analysis type. And laminar (DNS), RANS (Standard k-epsilon, RNG k-epsilon or Realizable k-epsilon) or LES (Smagorinsky, WALE as SGS model) can be selected as flow model. You can also set the prohject to thermal fluid analysis, multiphase flow analysis, etc.

  • Physical Property

    Newtonian fluid, power-law fluid, etc. can be selected as fluid type and edit each parameters.

  • Initial conditions

    You can set uniform values ​​as initial conditions for variables that is used in calculations.

  • Boundary conditions

    You can use the following boundary condition types and others, which can be confirmed in 3D view.

    • Fixed flow velocity
    • Fixed mass flow rate
    • Fixed volume flow rate
    • Fixed normal direction velocity
    • Fixed static pressure
    • Fixed total pressure
    • Nature inflow/outflow
    • Slip wall
    • Stationary wall
    • Moving wall
  • Calculation settings

    You can set the parallel number for calculations, the combination of schemes/matrix-solvers, the relaxation factor, and the steady-state convergence criteria.

  • Output settings

    You can set output interval, format (ASCII, binary...), precision. In addition, you can set the configurations as followings.

    • Optional output variables like residuals, y+ value, Courant number, Voriticity etc...
    • Minimum/Maximum values for each calculation variables
    • Flow rate, average, integral and force coefficients (aerodynamic coefficient: Cd, Cl) for each region
    • calculation variable value at specified coordinate
    • Output setting in 3rd party format (Fluent、Ensight、GMV、Tecplot、Legacy VTK)

    And you can measure projection area for force coefficients output setting.

  • Exporting

    You can export setting data as a zip file in OpenFOAM format (Foundation version).

  • Saving

    If you have been logined, you can save the created data to the cloud and re-edit it later.